Merle Antson



Name: Merle Antson
Graduated study programme: International Business Administration (major Marketing and Communication) 
Conferred degree: BA
Year of graduation: 2013
Current employer: OMAklubi
Position: Personal trainer, masseuse, event planner


Who did you want to become as a grown-up? I remember at one point I wanted to be the lady at the local grocery store who sells all the yummy things. Then I wanted to be a bus driver, but my brother made it very clear that girls can only become tram drivers. I accepted that, too. But I remember also dreaming about becoming an athlete or a police woman and joining the army. 


What is you motto of success? If there’s a will, there’s a way. If you really want something in life, you will find the way and the means to make it happen. Nothing is impossible.


Which book do you advise every EBS student to read? In Estonian it would be a book by Tom Valsberg “Kuidas rännata ilma hirmuta”.


What is your everyday job? I am a full-time personal trainer and masseuse. I also do a little bit of event planning which has always been my passion. And during summertime I organize training and leisure camps for both kids and adults. 

Since I enjoy doing everything mentioned above and feel energized and happy while doing it and it’s a bit weird to call it a job. It feels more like a hobby. But I am really grateful to have found my passion. For now. Who knows what I’ll be doing in 5 or 10 years or what I will end up doing in 25 years. That’s the exciting part of life – you never know what will happen and you cannot foresee the future.


Why did you choose EBS for your studies? I didn’t continue my studies right after high school since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study and I’ve never been someone who follows others. So I spent 3 years traveling and working. When I started looking into different universities and majors I felt an immediate connection with EBS. At that time I was also working during the day, so it was very important to have lectures in the evenings and International Business Administration had a combination of all the subjects I was interested in. Also, I liked that people took an interest in me and made sure I would find the most suitable major for me.


What is the most important thing you took from EBS? Ambition and courage to start an entrepreneurship and not being afraid to fail. You either succeed or you learn. And of course all the awesome people I met. We had a really supportive group and I think we inspired each other a lot and still keep in touch.


How do you know EBS is for you? You just do. As soon as you walk in the door and meet the staff at EBS you feel it –people are interested in you, want the best for you and are willing to make an effort in order to come up with the best solution personally for you.


What would be your ultimate suggestion to EBS students? Value everything you have in EBS and make the most of your time there. You’re not studying for anyone else but for yourself. Give it your best.