Nick Vocht



Name: Nick Vocht
Speciality previously studied: Double Degree Program: Commercial Economics (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) + Business Administration (EBS, Tallinn)
Degree given: Double Bachelor Degree / 2004
Current employment: North Sea Lubricants B.V.
Position: Director

Home country: The Netherlands


Who did you want to become as a grown-up?  A veterinarian.


What is your motto of success, motto in life? Make your hobby (a part of) your work if you can, and do not be afraid to change your comfortable environment for something new if a chance comes by.


Which book do you advise every EBS student to read? Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham H. Maslow


What are your duties of employment? North Sea Lubricants B.V. is an independent lubricating oil brand and global player based in the Netherlands. From our Blending Facility near Rotterdam we offer a product range at competitive prices to importers on a global scale. As the company director I am overall responsible for the company’s performance. This includes boosting the company sales figures, appointing & maintaining relationships with our distributors and creating marketing/sales strategies where required.


Why did you choose EBS for your studies? Back in 2002 the Double Degree Program was available in America, England, Germany, Australia & Estonia (EBS). Estonia was the ‘most unusual country’ of this list & after reading up on EBS it was the most interesting option by far.


What is the most essential thing you have learned at EBS? EBS provided me with the perfect balance of professional lectures by a wide range of local & international teachers + with many interesting social events. This is important to have during your university days, but also for later on in life. To realize you need to enjoy both your career and your social life, not just one or the other.


What kind of a person is EBS meant for? EBS is meant for any person, local or foreign, wishing to become a professional at one of the wide range of courses taught at this school. Lectures from people who have worked in the specific fields really provides you with a better understanding than by just memorizing textbook material.


What would you advise to current EBS students? EBS provides the perfect combination of professional lectures and social networks. Use both your acquired skills and the network from your experience at EBS, to successfully proceed to the next step of life.