Priit Viru


Name: Priit Viru
Qualification: International Business Administration  (with specialisation in strategic financial management)
Conferred degree: MA
Year of graduation: 2010
Current employment: Adcash
Position: Financial Manager


Who did you want to become as a grown-up? An Olympic champion.


What is your motto of success? Work smart, play hard. 


Which book do you advise every EBS student to read? Ayn Rand „The Fountainhead“.


What are your duties of employment? Adcash is a company offering online advertising active globally in 249 countries and territories. We are part of the market that increases on average 30% annually and the competitors include Google and Facebook. The responsibility of the Financial Manager includes everything related to the finances of the group. I am a member of the executive team of the company and thus also contribute to the day-to-day management development and strategic issues of the company. My colleagues are more than 135 professionals in their field from 21 countries.  


Why did you choose EBS for your studies? I chose EBS for several reasons, whereas the main ones were the practical approach of EBS in the provision of economic education and internationalisation. At the same time the exclusivity of EBS also had its role in the choice made – the number of students who started their studies in economics in Tartu University in 2005 was 400 people, whereas the first year of the Bachelor´s programme at EBS included less than 50 students.


What is the most essential thing you have learned at EBS? EBS equipped me with ambition to act big and internationally. EBS has enlarged my picture of the world, provided an international network and an understanding that you get further in life without modesty.


What kind of a person is EBS meant for? EBS is able to offer something for a person from any field of activity. EBS will provide the necessary basics and knowledge that an entrepreneurial person may apply in any field of activity.


What would you advise the current EBS students? Education is important, but there is a lot more that EBS offers. Find a personally suitable balance and take everything that EBS offers. I would especially advise to study abroad as an exchange student – this is an experience that you will never regret!