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Convince your boss

The Master’s programme MBA in Digital Society corresponds best to the requirements of the modern society, training the managers and leaders of tomorrow’s world who are able to manage a successful business in the digitalising world.  


By acquiring an MBA at EBS, you will create extra value to yourself and your employer. We will help you to convince your boss understand why it is an extremely reasonable decision to support your studies.  

  • Studies will support the goals and objectives of the employer
    The studies at EBS have been organised in the manner that group work in special subjects and Master’ s thesis could be done about the company where the student works, in order to find solutions to real problems and seek for opportunities to further development.  
  • Invaluable contacts 
    MBA and the alumni of EBS make up a unique community that could provide options for new business- or collaboration opportunities to you or your employer.
  • The most update knowledge 
    The business world and society around are changing faster than ever. It is of utmost importance that the key employees are aware of the changes, updates and innovation. MBA will provide the latest world scale knowledge and practical skills which enable to keep updated in the constantly changing information flow. This will equip the employer and employee with essential added value.  
  • 2 days at university ≠ 2 days lost at work 
    The session-based format of MBA studies means that the employee is away from their workplace for two days after every three weeks i.e. about two days every month. The previous study programmes of EBS with a similar format have proven that the student who returns to work the next Monday is full of energy and new ideas that might be non-existent without participation in the MBA programme.  
  • Dedication as a sign of quality 
    Willingness and persistence to manage with Master’s studies prove the dedication of a person to their goals and objectives. When supporting an employee in the achievement of the above aims, the employer will have a dedicated and open-minded partner in collaboration.  
  • In a mature society employers support the studies of their key employees 
    In a mature and modern society it is not only the employee whose responsibility it is to complement their skills and knowledge. A smarter, knowledgeable and diverse employee is more efficient and motivated. The full or partial payment of an employee’s tuition fee, the provision of a study holiday and overall support are an investment in the future not a cost. 
  • It is cost effective for an employer to support the studies of an employee 
    The tuition fee that is paid by an employer is a cost related to entrepreneurship and not taxed as a fringe benefit. Thus it is more tax effective for an employer to pay the tuition fee for the employee instead of paying a salary to the student employee, from which the latter shall pay the tuition fee themselves.