International Business Administration MA


The master programme in International Business Administration provides students with a unique opportunity to combine general business knowledge with in depth expertise in the field of specialisation (finance, marketing or management and leadership). We strongly believe that a solid understanding of all business functions enables the graduates to take up managerial and specialist positions with better preparation. The graduates are not only experts in their field of specialisation but are also able to discuss strategic business issues within all the departments of a company.

Where can I study?

At EBS Tallinn

Session-based studies: 

2 full days of lectures/seminars once in 2 weeks

Specialisations: marketing; finance and accounting


At EBS Helsinki

Session-based studies:

2 full days of lectures/seminars once in 2 weeks

Specialisation: management and leadership 

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Suitable candidate

This programme is designed as a part of the 3+2 study system, complementing a 3-year bachelor degree in business, management, economics or similar field with a 2-year master programme. Previous work experience or non-academic studies can be taken into account for candidates who have a different bachelor degree. In addition, it is sometimes possible to take some preparatory courses. For details, please contact the admissions specialist.


We look for strong candidates who want to continue studies straight after obtaining the bachelor degree as well as students who have been working after their studies. Most of our students have some work experience that makes class discussions more relevant to specific practical scenarios. 


Although it is a full-time programme the studies are organized so that it is possible to continue (part-time) work during the studies. 


Our teaching philosophy values interactive classes, practical assignments and involving real-life company cases in the study process. While there are a few traditional lectures in some courses, most of the student learning occurs through teamwork, discussions and hands-on activities. Group dynamics and peer to peer interaction are a vital component of the learning experience of our students and the aim of our faculty is to facilitate these.


Estonian Business School has fully implemented the learning management system Canvas which has been titled the best educational LMS by the PC Magazine in 2017. Canvas is a one-stop modern and user-friendly hub to all course-related content giving the students superior experience of blended learning.


Most of the faculty teaching in the program are internationally renowned specialists in their fields, having both academic and practical business experience. We have a roughly equal proportion of full-time faculty members, practitioner-lecturers from companies and professors from a wide range of international universities. 


It is possible to use the mobility window during the fall semester of the second year to study at one of the 60 partner universities worldwide. 


Academic year 1


Fall semester 

  • Coaching 3 ECTS
  • Global Economics and Politics 6 ECTS
  • Managerial Decision Making and Finance 6 ECTS
  • Strategic Management 3 ECTS
  • Specialisation module 15 ECTS (nanodegree I)
  • Total: 33 ECTS


Spring semester 

  • Academic Writing 3 ECTS
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Methods 6 ECTS
  • Research Design 6 ECTS
  • Specialisation module 15 ECTS (nanodegree II)
  • Total: 30 ECT

Academic year 2 

Fall semester

  • Elective module / Mobility window 27 ECTS
  • Total: 27 ECTS


Spring semester

  • Specialisation module 15 ECTS (nanodegree III)
  • Master´s Thesis 15 ECTS
  • Total: 30 ECTS



In the MA programme you can choose between three specialisations. Each specialisation consists of three nanodegrees. 

  • Finance and Accounting (at EBS Tallinn)
  • Marketing (at EBS Tallinn)
  • Management and Leadership (at EBS Helsinki)

A nanodegree is a course of study up-to 15 ECTS, which consists of at least 3 subjects.

Finance and Accounting (at EBS Tallinn)

Our finance and accounting specialisation will equip you with tools necessary for acquiring and analysing economic and financial data, for interpreting and communicating financial information to both internal and external stakeholders.  The three nanodegrees will enhance your financial knowledge and skills so that you will be ready to face the challenges of the finance and accounting world by being able to make knowledgeable and useful managerial, investment and corporate decisions.


Total: 45 ECTS
Nanodegree I: Financial Reporting Standards Versus Managerial Reality 15 ECTS
Nanodegree II: Quantamentals I 15 ECTS
Nanodegree III: Data-Based Decision-Making 15 ECTS

Marketing (at EBS Tallinn)

Our marketing specialisation is built on three nanodegrees: how marketing works, how communication works and how human beings work. This approach equips graduates with and integrated approach that enables them to work in strategic positions in various companies and institutions. We strongly believe that the general business education that precedes the specialisation module and equips students with knowledge about global issues, management and finances makes our graduates stand out as marketing professionals with the best understanding of business as a whole.


Total: 45 ECTS
Nanodegree I: Marketing Strategy 15 ECTS
Nanodegree II: Communication 15 ECTS
Nanodegree III: Consumer Behaviour 15 ECTS

Management and Leadership (at EBS Helsinki)

This specialisation module is developed to provide in depth knowledge and skills for successful leadership and change management in the digital era. Our aim is to train leaders who have a strong vision, necessary skills to develop this vision to reality, and ability to motivate and inspire people in their organizations.


Total: 45 ECTS
Nanodegree I: Digital Ecosystems 15 ECTS
Nanodegree II: Leading Change as a New Constant: My Organisation as a Frontrunner 15 ECTS
Nanodegree III: Leadership in Digital Era 15 ECTS

Learning outcomes of the programme

1. General business competencies with in-depth knowledge in the selected field of specialisation
2. Ability to integrate and critically apply a broad range of management theories in a complex international environment
3. Awareness of the societal background, opportunities and limitations, as well as awareness of the influence of one’s actions to the society
4. High ethical standards and professional integrity
5. Knowledge of business research methods and experience in applying them in different contexts
6. Superb critical thinking and decision making skills to be an effective leader in a constantly changing environment
7. Competence to communicate convincingly in different media, for different audiences and in various situations
8. Proactive attitude to lifelong learning


Graduates of this programme are working for example in following positions:

  • Marketing Manager, Hotel St. George & Klaus K Hotel
  • Marketing & Communications Specialist, Bird & Bird
  • Manager, Nordea Mortgage Bank Plc.
  • Business Controller, CGI
  • Sales & Operations Planning Manager for Asia, Fiskars Group


Important dates


The start of admission round for the study year 2021/2022. Apply in DreamApply or SAIS.




The application deadline for non-EU applicants in DreamApply for the study year 2021/2022. 


*Deadlines for applicants from Estonia



The application deadline for EU applicants and applicants from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Canada, Japan in DreamApply for the study year 2021/2022.

Fees and financing options in Tallinn

For EU citizens

The semester tuition fee for study year 2020/2021 for Estonian and other EU citizens is the following:

  • Paying in one part the first semester fee is 3375€.
  • Paying in one part the second semester fee is 3100€.
  • When paying in two parts then the additional fee is 35€.
  • When the student is a part-time student or would like to transfer some courses from another university and therefore does not need to take the whole program then the semester fee is being calculated on a credit point basis. The fee for one credit point is 105 €.
  • If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several installments by using Study Investment.

Study Investment

For non-EU citizens

The tuition fee for non-EU citizens is the following:

  • The tuition fee for the first study year (2 semesters) is 6475 €.
  • The tuition fee can be paid only in one installment.

Special conditions:

  • International module
    The travel and accommodation costs of the international modules are not included in the MA program tuition fee.
  • ACCA and CFA certificates
    To be rewarded an ACCA or CFA certificate you need to take the certification exams.

Fees and financing options in Helsinki

Tuition fees

The semester tuition fee for study year 2020/2021 in Helsinki is the following:

  • Paying in one part the first semester fee is 4470 €
  • Paying in one part the second semester fee is 4100 €


  • When the student is a part-time student or would like to transfer some courses from another university and therefore does not need to take the whole programme then the semester fee is being calculated on a credit point basis. The fee for one credit point is 140 €.


All the candidates, who have received the positive admission decision, hence acceptance letter from EBS, can apply for a scholarship. In order to apply, you need to write an official application letter to the Scholarship Committee. The mission of the Scholarship Committee is to review and award scholarships. The Scholarship Committee makes the decision based on the applicants’ previous experience. Suitable candidates have an entrepreneurial mindset, excellent grades and experiences outside the classroom.


In the application letter the candidate should mention: 

  • Why do they want to study at EBS and which program did they apply for?
  • How are they planning to use the knowledge they gain here and which goals have they set for themselves?
  • What kind of value will they bring to the classroom and to the studies here? 

In EBS, the scholarship gives a discount on the tuition fee. Depending on the decision of the admission committee it can give a  25%, 50%, 75% discount of the tuition fee.

Scholarships are awarded once a year in August. Please send your application to by the 10th of July. 


*Finnish students are eligible for various types of financial assistance from Kela during education.




  • Previous Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration of Economics or equivalent is required.
  • If you have Bachelor degree in another field than Business Administration or Economics you need to fulfil the prerequisite subjects of the program: you need Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Financial Accounting subjects.
  • For entering the programme applicants have to submit results of an internationally recognized test of English on a required level of B2 as follows:

Results of an internationally recognized test

  • TOEFL iBT score 87 (EBS code 6744)
    Test results have to be sent directly to EBS by the test centre. It is also possible to order the test results to be sent to EBS online. Please note that the TOEFL iBT test score is valid for 2 years.
  • IELTS Academic  (International English Language Testing Service) 5.5 with 5.5 above in each band).  Please note that IELTS test result is valid for 2 years.
  • Cambridge test - FCE (or CAECPE)
    Candidates presenting Cambridge English tests should indicate their ID number (a 3 letter and 6 number combination) and secret number (4 digits) in their application form. These numbers are included in the confirmation of entry for the Cambridge exam. If you do not know these details, please contact the exam centre.
  • BEC Vantage

The internationally recognized test of English may be replaced by: 

  • Completion of previous educational level in a country where the English language is spoken as mother-tongue. EBS waves requirement only for the following countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
  • Completion of the previous level of education taught fully in English in EU/EEA member states. Please note that the transcript of record must include that studies were conducted fully in English.
  • Other countries have to present an internationally recognized language test even if the student studied previously in the English language.


Admission process

If you are excited about our program and wish to learn from and contribute to EBS community then you are ready to apply. We have gathered information about the application process here.