Professor or Associate Professor of Finance

Currently, we are accepting applications for the following position:

Professor or Associate Professor of Finance


EBS career model offers faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in a number of activity tracks:

  • Teaching students and training professionals and executives;
  • Research with a focus on practice-oriented and actionable research;
  • Project work with private, public and civil society partners and clients;
  • Venture-building and start-up investments turning knowledge and specialised know-how into value-adding businesses;
  • Management and organisational activities, including team-building, sales and marketing, communication and international development activities.

The successful candidate for this position will join the finance and accounting teaching, research, and project team at EBS.

(S)he will be expected to play a central role in developing the school’s finance-related research direction and capabilities and make a strong contribution to project development within EBS in an interdisciplinary setting. Hence, a broader range of experience within the discipline would be a strong asset. The candidate should also demonstrate initiative and leadership potential as well as being involved in further developing the school’s “knowledge-to-operationalisation” related ecosystem, which aims to dramatically bridge the gap between academic and real-world settings.


The successful candidate will be expected to conduct individual and collaborative thematic research projects leading to both academic and practically relevant outputs with a strong focus on actionability. The candidate will also be involved in developing grant and proposals. (S)he will also be engaged in building collaborations with private, public, academic and non-governmental organisations both in Estonia and internationally. Furthermore, the candidate will be engaged in the development of skills and supervising doctoral candidates and other faculty members.


In addition to research and development-related activities, the role will also include delivering challenging and innovative teaching and supervision at both undergraduate and graduate levels and participation in the competence-building and administrative activities of EBS.

Candidates with experience in collaboration with industry and public sector administrations through previous work experience, applied/experimental research and/or consulting activities are particularly welcome. Candidates are expected to have a PhD degree as well as a track record in academic publishing, teaching at university level and project experience.



  • An attractive and varied working environment with the opportunity to shape and develop the field independently.
  • Support in the conception of modern and innovative teaching.
  • Access to research grants, resources and collaboration opportunities to advance your academic pursuits and contribute to the field, while also having the chance to work on diverse and interesting projects.
  • Regular workshops, conferences, and seminars to enhance your skills, stay updated on trends and network with professionals in your field.
  • Access to modern technology, well-equipped classrooms, the possibility to involve support staff and resources for achieving one's goals and assistance with administrative tasks management.
  • In addition to competitive salary, our compensation system includes various allowances, bonuses, and incentives.
  • We provide quarterly sports support or additional health insurance (Stebby), along with three professional counselling sessions.
  • As a member of our team, you have the opportunity to participate in up to 6 ECTS credits of further education courses every year.
  • We offer a modern work environment and a workplace in the heart of the city, while being flexible in terms of working location.
  • 35 calendar days of regular vacation in a year.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with an international, professional and supportive team.


We are committed to providing a stimulating and inclusive environment that nurtures academic excellence and personal growth. Your success is integral to the success of our institution, and we are dedicated to supporting you in every aspect of your professional journey.



Application deadline


Starting time: latest by August 21st, 2024


The application package should contain:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  • Copy of PhD Degree (or documentation of equivalent degree).
  • A comprehensive list of publications and/or working papers (papers offered for evaluation should be marked by an asterisk – and included in PDF format).
  • Documents supporting research, teaching and administrative qualifications.
  • Relevant course evaluations and a contact list of suggested references.
  • Your application package should also encompass a one-pager explaining your future research and teaching agenda.


Applications should be submitted to our HR-Manager,


Application deadline: May 15th, 2024.

Starting time: latest by August 21st, 2024.

Please note that we teach offline as well as online and therefore physical presence in Tallinn, Estonia is a must!

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