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10 reasons why it is vital to become an exchange student

Throughout years hundreds of EBS students have used the opportunity to become an exchange student. The knowledge and experience gained during exchange years are highly valued among employers in the currently fast changing world.

Recent research reveals that the ability to solve problems, participate in teamwork and possess principal communication skills are the most essential skills for employers. Read more here.
Here are 10 reasons why our students prioritize exchange studies:
1. Foreign studies are an important component in the life-long learning mind-set.
2. You have an opportunity to travel and see new places in the world.
3. The gained experience about new cultures, traditions, food and atmosphere is invaluable.
4. You will have all the world open in front of you due to your international network.
5. Contact network of probable future collaboration partners and colleagues.
6. The ability to become independent and get to know yourself.
7. The knowledge and experience that has been gained during exchange studies are highly valued by employers.
8. New study and teaching methods provide new skills, interests and improve language skills
9.  Exchange studies experience and lessons learnt is something no one can take away from you! 
10. And last, but not least – in the future you may tell your grandchildren a great story from your youth full of extraordinary memories and adventures. 
Apply by 1st March in case you wish to become an exchange student in one of more than 60 EBS partner universities. Read about the terms and conditions for application here.