AI hackathon in the EBS building: AI is powerful in solving business problems!

Ai hackaton
EBS is no longer just a home for studying and research. Alongside them, incubators and business accelerators are increasingly finding their place. Our doors are always open to businesses that want to foster innovation and bring new ideas to life. A good example of this is the Tallinn Artificial Intelligence and Automation Hackathon, which took place at the EBS premises on 14-15 September.

The event brought together eight of Estonia's top companies and 30 enthusiastic hackers to find solutions to their business problems using artificial intelligence. The event was backed by software company Devtailor, whose co-founder Robert Pallas sees the potential for similar events growing as interest in AI and automation is on the rise.
At the end of the two days, each team presented a demo. Some of the solutions can be directly integrated into companies' workflows. For Tele2, for example, the ability to quickly retrieve information from documents and databases is critical to providing a fast and efficient service to customers. Artificial intelligence enables the creation of such customized search engines. 
One company that stood out was Alise Technic, a metal finishing company in Pärnu, for whom the platform developed during the hackathon reduces manual work by more than 600 hours and automates order processing, reducing the risk of errors. What a great result! 



The Tallinn Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence and Automation was made possible by Devtailor, Beamline Accelerator, Digiwise, and EBS.