Exceptional in many ways – EBS Madis Habakuk Cup Invitational 2023

EBS golf cup 2023
What connects an EBS high school student, head of the Executive Coaching Centre, former EBS rector, and fresh bachelor student? Golf! Every autumn, the EBS golfing community meets in the EBS Madis Habakuk Cup Invitational. This tradition has been going on for 18 years now and traditionally they meet on Madis Habakuk's name day, 21 September. However, this time the event was special in many ways.

There were an extraordinary number of competitors - as many as 47, divided between 12 teams. This year's golf competition was an international one, with several teams including participants from Finland, and there was plenty of English on the course. It was great to see familiar golfers – so-called veterans, as well as high school students joining the competition for the very first time. It was a truly intergenerational tournament.
But the guests were also treated to all that was tried and good. As has become a nice tradition, the EBS golf community was once again hosted by the Estonian Golf & Country Club, headed by its director Hanno Kross. The golf club, with its pleasant atmosphere, offered the opportunity to play on courses of renowned quality, both the Sea Course and the Stone Course. And what's more - as always, the guests were greeted by very pleasant company. 
The weather also favored the event - the previous day's rain had left only a slightly soggy and watery surface to remember, but on the day of the competition, the participants were greeted by warm sunshine and a mild breeze.


Once everyone had completed the course and had a little break, the awards ceremony began. It started with a welcome speech by EBS Chancellor Mart Habakuk, who mentioned that the EBS Madis Habakuk Cup 2023 is the first event dedicated to the 35th anniversary of EBS. Its most important community event will be the EBS 35 Gala on 7 December at the Estonia Concert Hall. Another reason and opportunity to get together with friends of EBS!


And now for the tournament results. A very close competition was won by the young men's team with 44 points: Oskar Mylly, Eetu Ranta, Leonardo Lencioni and Julius Michelsson. They are EBS first-year bachelor students in Tallinn, from Finland.  The winners commented on the tournament: "It was a great competition and a good start to our studies in Estonia and at EBS."
The team of Krista Tuulik, Kristian Kalle, Aivar Kangust, and Mart Habakuk came second with 43 points. Liina Kadari, Siiri Vene, Stefan Hosio, and Peep Aaviksoo deserved 3rd place with the same score. 


After the prizes were awarded to winning teams, a raffle was held to give away a variety of valuable souvenirs and gifts. The audience unanimously agreed that the most special prize was a home-baked chanterelle pie, which deserved great applause.

Summing up the day, Cristofer Herman, EGCC coach, and EBS alumnus, said: "The EBS Golf Tournament is not a tough competition where the aim is primarily high results, but rather an enjoyable meeting place. On the course, beginners and pros alike play together, while students, teachers, and potential employers sit side by side at the dinner table and socialize. It's a very special event in that sense!"


Many, many thanks to everyone who participated and made this great day possible! Thanks to all contributors! We hope that the day provided a lot of great emotions and memories, which will give us a reason to meet again next year, as usual, on 21 September on the golf course.



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