EBS awarded a diploma to 78 graduates at its winter graduation ceremony

The winter graduation ceremony of EBS took place on 13 December at the Estonian Concert Hall. Diplomas were awarded to 78 graduates including 2 Doctoral diplomas, 17 Master´s diplomas and 59 Bachelor´s diplomas.

The Rector of EBS professor Arno Almann congratualated the graduates on becoming alumni: „A lot of work has been done and you may always say that in the year of great anniversaries – Estonia 100 and EBS 30 - you also scored a great result. I may assure you that this diploma will guarantee you a place in the cub of educated people and respected company of EBS alumni.“


„Therefore – the diploma that you receive today is only the proof of a midterm finish. We do not really know how many stages there are still to go. In case you are willing to stay at the top in some field or just stay on board, you must run for the win and ahead of time with the knowledge that you possess and are provided.  This is a complicated task, but I do believe you are able to manage. In the event of help needed you may always approach your alma mater,“ added Almann. 


Hardi Kinnas, a partner in Orangetime,  addressed the graduates on behalf of the alumni. He said that it had been a good decision to come to EBS and that he gained a lot of confidence from the school. „It was during the studies when I became more confident, but also humble. We do clearly understand the former, but the latter is often misinterpreted. You should be able  to study from the world  and be able to implement  what you have learned. Confidently.“ He told the graduates to complete everything that they have started  in life: „Make things happen. Make decisions and take risks. This the only way to make miraculous things happen.“


Congratualatiuons to all the graduates!