The publication "EBS – 30 years dedicated to the future" concludes the most memorable moments

Last February, when the 30th Anniversary of EBS seemed a far future, the Rector invited his advisers to a meeting to discuss the importance of recording history. It was decided that it is important to map out the interesting history of the only private university in Estonia.

On the 8th December we were proud to share the journey of EBS throughout 30 years. The publication provides an overview of how a small co-operative, which offered courses to business managers, became an internationally recognised university. The book may be browsed at

Many important persons have been interviewed for the digital publication: starting from students and finishing with school management. The publication also includes materials from old student newspapers and publications. The articles include photos and video materials that reflect the times and emotions of related people and the school.


The unexpected visit of President Lennart Meri at the beginning of 1990-ies, the 1996 joint agreement of MBA graduates  "Succeeding in Life", the club of people who like to party and succeed, golf tournaments, the photo of Ryan Gosling with the diploma – these are just a few of the exciting moments described in the publication. We will also predict the future – the chapter "Star Wars" provides the predictions of EBS students about EBS in the year 2028. This is exciting reading, especially in 2027 when EBS is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


The author of the digital book is Heli Lehtsaar-Karma. The book was prepared in collaboration with Menu Meedia.