EBS Homecoming 2023

EBS is sincerely proud of its large alumni community, a community that grows stronger with each passing year. Regardless of the era, our most treasured asset remains our alumni. As part of the celebrations of EBS 35, EBS will be open for a special event on two evenings in November, 14 and 15 - for EBS Homecoming. This event is not just about opening doors, it is a chance to catch up with old friends, relive fond memories, and make new ones.

On both evenings, there is a possibility to explore a special exhibition curated by the EBS Library in honor of EBS's 35th anniversary (located in the EBS Library Reading Room, room 234), meet beloved faculty and teachers ("Teachers' Room", room 416), meet with course mates and classmates in the study rooms (on the 4th floor), visit the Alumni corner (4th floor), the pop-up student café (4th floor) and enjoy the EBS merch pop-up sale (in the lobby).


Additionally, on November 14th, we offer house tours (starting in the lobby), a lecture by Hardo Pajula on "Süvapsühholoogia ristiisa" (room 415), a rehearsal of the EBS Chamber Choir (room 413), and a concert by the EBS Chamber Choir (room 413).


On November 15th, there is an extra opportunity to take part in the EBS Homecoming challenge – a combined mini-golf and quiz competition organized by the EBS Student Council and the EBS Sports Club.


We look forward to welcoming you back at EBS!


For more information about the event and registration, please visit.