EBS Merch Sale / September 13th, at 11a.m-15p.m


We all know how cool and proud it feels to be an ebsikas :) As a proactive, united, and inspiring community, we perform amazing world-changing actions not only within our walls but also far beyond borders. To ensure that our identity remains recognizable everywhere, one way is to brand ourselves with EBS. No matter what promotional product it is - EBS guarantees comfort, high quality, and a trusted, esteemed brand.


This fall, you'll have a unique opportunity to acquire various EBS promotional items on September 13th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the EBS foyer.


The product range is diverse (different T-shirts, practical backpacks, thermoses, caps, beanies, hoodies, etc.), and card payments will be accepted. PS! The number of products and sizes is limited.


Looking forward to seeing you!