Introweek 2023 was a memorable event

Introweek 2023
Introweek 2023
Introweek, which has become a great tradition and was warmly welcomed by students, was held this year from 28 August to 1 September. During the week, designed as an introduction to the academic year, there was a lot going on: informative seminars for new students to get in the mood for their studies, getting to know course mates and lecturers, networking in special Networking Corners, and enjoying social events. It's all about helping new students starting at EBS to integrate quickly and smoothly into the EBS community. For international and exchange students, a special program was put together to make their adjustment to their new home city and country as comfortable as possible.

We are happy that the Introweek tradition keeps going and helps new students to make meaningful connections. After the Introweek it is so much easier for the freshmen to start their first academic year as they feel that they are already part of the EBS family,” says Liina Reimann, main organizer of Introweek.
Answering the question of what was new at this year's Introweek, Liina Reimann says: “We added a new session to the Introweek program called "Meet your coursemates!” to ensure that all freshmen have enough opportunities to get to know the people they will be spending the following years studying together with. Additionally, we created the Networking Corner concept so that people could mingle and chat with senior EBSters and faculty members. Finally - as ChatGPT is making waves in the academic environment our students got an opportunity to learn more about ChatGPT and how it can support their learning.”
Introweek actually started the day before, on 27 August, for the Master’s students, with a get-together at the Küla Villa, where they got acquainted with the EBS, started their first study session in Coaching and Leadership course, and got to know each other. 
The official opening ceremony of the week took place on Monday 28 August, when all the new students gathered for the first time in the EBS hall. The students were welcomed by EBS Rector Meelis Kitsing: “We are on a mission together. This mission is about building a community of growth and responsibility. The community comprises EBS faculty and students, and you are now part of it. Growth is seen from different perspectives - the perspective of the university, our state, and of each individual student. Responsibility is another important cornerstone of our daily actions. We also highly value academic freedom - to have an open mind, take challenges, have fruitful discussions.” 
Participants had a chance to participate in the quiz and to get to know more about EBS and personally about Anto Liivat, the Head of Bachelor’s Studies, and Jim Seltenrijch, the Head of Master's Studies. At the end of the event, standing shoulder by shoulder all students together gave a freshmen’s oath. 
EBS Inspirational Talks, a mini-conference, took place this year again - an evening of EBS alumni sharing their "EBS story", talking about their journey in the business world, and giving valuable advice to new students on how to make the most of their time as a student. This time, Introweek's guests were Haver Järveoja (Ready Player Me), Karmen-Maria Kotter (Beast), and Victoria Tääker (Kõu Mobility Group). In the panel discussion that followed their insightful presentations, participants heard, among other things, that the learning process continues also after graduation - on average, the alumni who took part in the panel spend 10 hours a week acquiring new knowledge. 
The Introweek ended with a lively Semester kick-off party at the Kinomaja, where the participants enjoyed a performance by Uku Suviste and then danced to the rhythm of Tom Lilienthal - to bring the week to a relaxing and spirited end. 
It is not possible to offer such a diverse and rich program without a strong team. “I would like to thank all the Introweek team members, who have worked hard on creating a memorable experience for all the first-year students this year. Additionally, to faculty and staff members, who have given a warm welcome to our freshmen. Lastly, Introweek partners, who contributed to the Introweek events by providing goodies for the welcome bags and making special offers for Introweek participants during the week,” main organizer Liina Reimann is grateful to all the organizers and partners who made this week possible.

A warm welcome again to all the new EBSters!

Introweek 2023