EBS received 232 new alumni: “I am very proud of everyone who did not give up during the difficult pandemic years!” said the rector

EBSi lõpuaktus 2022
Today, the EBS alumni family received 232 new members. Over the last 30 years, more than 5000 EBS students have received their diploma.

After two years of the pandemic, graduates could finally put on their gowns and festively march to the Estonia Concert Hall.
“In these unusual and difficult circumstances, I am especially proud of your achievements,” said Meelis Ritsing, the EBS rector. “Many of you had to acquire your education during the pandemic while adapting to the constantly changing rules. However, you still managed to focus on your studies and get your degree.”
Kitsing adds that constant learning is essential for overcoming this globally difficult time of uncertainty, turbulence and novelty. “A strong EBS education will help you face difficult challenges, whether that is in social sciences, leadership or business management. But don’t forget to keep educating yourself through all the extraordinary events life throws at you.”
Along with valuable knowledge, EBS provides its students with a strong network with a global scope of action.
Kadri Tuisk, an EBS alumnus, mentions how the relationships you make in university have a significant role in your future life. “You will start to build up this world together. Do not lose touch with each other. The network you have acquired here will help you get ahead in life.”
Kirsti Alles, this year’s EBS graduate who received her education at the Helsinki campus, notes that in addition to education, EBS also gave her something she never expected – courage and independence. “I feel so much more confident than I felt at the beginning of my studies four years ago. I am more than ready to take on the challenges life throws me!”
“Thank you to all professors who taught their subjects with passion and enthusiasm, as well as to fellow students and the whole EBS family who were always there to support me during difficult times.”