EBS rector Meelis Kitsing presented at the Economic Forum

Establishing contacts and engaging with organizations and partners from different countries is invaluable. The small size of Estonia's business and educational sectors becomes especially noticeable when attending big international events. In early September, EBS Rector, Meelis Kitsing, was in Karpacz, Poland, to present at the Economic Forum, a prominent gathering with 5,000 attendees. Already 32nd in a row, this event stands as the largest of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the forum, Meelis Kitsing participated in a panel titled "The Role of Universities in Shaping Modern Societies: Different Paths to Success". He shared the stage with Przemysław Czarnek, the Polish Minister of Education and Science, as well as university leaders from Poland, France, the UK, and Ukraine. The panel delved into topics such as the transformative impact of university research on society. They also explored the roles of public and private institutions in education and discussed diverse funding models that could enhance accessibility to higher education while ensuring research independence and freedom.


Furthermore, Meelis Kitsing highlighted his book, "The Political Economy of Digital Ecosystems", in a distinct panel alongside Pal Peter Kolozs, the Director of Green Monetary Policy at the Central Bank of Hungary.


Such forums like Economic Forum showcase the extensive reach and impact of international partnerships, underscoring the vital role of global discussions in molding the future of education and economics.