Estonian Business School`s Summer School 2023


Are your students interested in digitalization and sustainability topics? 

Estonian Business School`s Summer School might be the perfect solution!

August 14-17 Tallinn, Estonia
August 18 Helsinki, Finland



The Estonian Business School’s summer school brings together students and speakers from all over the world, allowing for the exchange of ideas on two megatrends that change modern societies: digitalization and sustainability. The challenge of a so-called “twin transition” is clear: the world needs to digitalize to take advantage of the vast advances in digital products, but this needs to be accomplished in a sustainable fashion. 

EBS summer schools, now in their third year, are truly interdisciplinary, as we welcome a mix of graduate students and working professionals in attendance. Our speakers include visionaries from the public and private sectors, tackling issues particular to Estonia, the region, and the world. Last year’s summer school included participants from 19 different nations, including students from the European Union, Switzerland, the UK, and places farther afield (South Africa, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Vietnam, for example). 


During the summer school, participants experience two different countries; the first four days are held at the EBS’s campus in Tallinn (Estonia), a UNESCO heritage site, as well as a tech and digital hub. On the event’s last day, the participants travel by ferry to EBS Helsinki (Finland) to present their capstones in groups and graduate from the summer school.
The summer school incorporates a self-paced online learning component through the Canvas platform, where students watch videos, read assigned articles, and have conversations with fellow participants. The participants enjoy city tours and site visits during the summer school as part of the experiential learning.

The summer school curriculum is for master- and doctoral-level students, advanced undergraduates (final year), or those entering graduate-level programs. The summer school is taught in English.

You will receive an official transcript of records granting 6 ECTS credit points when summer school is completed, and your summer school requirements are fulfilled.


We cherish different perspectives at our summer school and would love for you to join us in August 2023. To find out more, go to: