Flexible learning opportunities for everyone

How can you stay ahead in your personal development and career in the face of constantly changing circumstances and new challenges? The answer lies in lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement. One way to continually acquire new skills and knowledge is to participate in open-level courses, which offer flexible learning opportunities and are suitable for different lifestyles and career choices. But what exactly does Open University mean, and what benefits does it offer? What should you consider when participating in open courses?

What are EBS Open University Courses?

Open University invites anyone interested in taking bachelor`s or master's level courses or microdegree programmes as part of continuing education. Most often, the decision to join an Open University is made when the student already has a previous degree in the same or another field and wishes to delve deeply into a specific area or topic offered by a particular course or micro-degree program. The combination of faculty and students from diverse backgrounds creates a unique and diverse classroom environment, expanding participants' horizons and encouraging big or different thinking.


Options and opportunities for EBS Open Courses

You can choose from a range of courses or more comprehensive programs (microdegrees) to enhance or acquire new skills and knowledge, whether your goal is career advancement, personal development, or simply lifelong learning. Our courses and programmes are designed to support each learner's individual needs and goals. In the classroom, you have the opportunity to discuss with fellow students and complete group or individual course projects. The learning tasks offer real-world solutions that can be immediately applied in your company.


EBS Open Courses include bachelor’s and master’s level courses and various microdegree programmes:

Participating in bachelor`s and master's courses is an excellent opportunity for our alumni, partners, and students from other universities to further their education. This option allows learners to choose courses according to their professional interests and prior knowledge and experience.

Microdegree programmes, on the other hand, are comprehensive study programs lasting 2-4 months, focusing on a specific field and the development of particular skills and knowledge. For example, EBS currently offers microdegree programmes in the following areas: green economy and digital transformation, management, data management, communication and marketing, finance and accounting. These programs are designed for those who wish to quickly acquire competencies in demand in the job market.

Participants can register for master's level courses or microdegree programmes only if they have completed the first level of higher education and/or have the required work experience.


How to participate in EBS Open Courses?

Our  open courses are mostly held in the classroom 1-2 times a week, but some courses can be taken 1-2 times a month or partially online. Many courses are held in a session format, which is more suitable for full-time working individuals who cannot currently enroll as full-time students due to location or family obligations.

In our courses, and especially in microdegree programmes, we focus as much as possible on peer learning through group discussions, teamwork, practical case studies, and real-life examples. During the courses, participants also complete individual assignments, teamwork, and/or presentations. This way, participants get practical solutions to real challenges encountered in their work life.

Participants in microdegree can use modern e-learning platforms and technologies. For example, EBS uses the cloud-based platform LMS Canvas, whose convenient and functional user interface facilitates time management for both faculty and students and brings creativity into the learning process. Each EBS course has its own Canvas page, where students can find everything related to the course – a full syllabus, materials, announcements, uploaded assignments, feedback, and more. Most courses conclude with a final project, and in some cases, an exam.


Upcoming new and continuing popular trainings

On the My.EBS open course platform, you can find several new courses starting soon and highly-rated programmes offering opportunities for both new and experienced learners. For a better learning experience, we recommend filtering the options by field, learning format, location, or language.




University courses play an essential role in the modern education system, and EBS Open Courses are a great example of how flexible, personalised, and high-quality education can help people achieve their full potential and prepare them for career challenges.