Knowing yourself and understanding others is the cornerstone of success

Hogan test
Modern personnel and talent management recommends basing both recruitment and development on the people themselves.


So, before applying for a position, get to know yourself first. Before recruiting, take time and get to know the person. Hogan Assessment Systems is used by various companies all over the world for talent assessment and development.


How does a manager benefit from a personality test? 


“It’s a well-known fact that putting people in the right role for them is the best combination for a company’s success,” says director of Executive Education and certified Hogan consultant Peep Aaviksoo on the importance of personality tests. “When putting together a team, it’s useful to map out people’s personality traits in order to know, and not presume, what to expect from them.” “EBS uses three Hogan testing tools,” he adds. “The HPI test predicts work performance in stability, HDS test analyzes behaviour in stressful and intense situations and MVPI test assesses values, cognitive abilities and motivation to contribute.”


What is the benefit of personality tests? 


“To be successful, you need to know your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and motivators,” explained Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at EBS and certified Hogan consultant Gretel Alver. “It’s useful to thoroughly analyse yourself from time to time in order to get to know yourself. The ability to use your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses is a driving force towards success.” 


EBS Executive Education has been one of the most acclaimed training centres on the Estonian market for 30 years, training around 750 managers annually. Since 2015, EBS Executive Education has been a certified partner of Hogan Assessment Systems in Estonia. For years, EBS has stood for the development of the field of leadership coaching in Estonia by both training coaches and sharing the practices of coaching leadership with managers and specialists. Executive Education is a licensed coaching partner and the sole representative of the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in Estonia and the certified Estonian partner of Team Coaching International. In addition, it is an accredited Estonian representative of the world-renowned project management certificate programme PEOPLECERT.


Special prices apply to alumni of the Estonian Business School and Executive Education programmes. 

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