Merle Viirmaa has taken on a new position since February – she is the new head of EBS coaching programs and AoEC Estonia

Merle Viirmaa
Merle Viirmaa, a long-time lecturer on executive coaching at EBS is now responsible for the development of all EBS coaching programmes and leads business development activities related to this field at EBS.

Recognised business schools worldwide are vigorously developing and investing in coaching training and courses. EBS also plans to expand the volume of such courses, including in degree programmes, leadership training, and specific programmes aimed at companies. Why couldn't coaching also be included in microdegree programmes of EBS in the future?


In addition to coaching courses included in EBS's bachelor's and master's programmes, EBS offers both public and in-company coaching training – from basic training to executive coaching diploma studies.


Under the leadership of Peep Aaviksoo, EBS has been the flagship of Estonian executive coaching for more than 10 years. We have trained nearly 300 professional executive coaches and shared coaching knowledge with a couple of thousand enthusiasts.


"A strong coaching offering is our competitive advantage – no one else in our market can combine business school knowledge and experience with the world's best executive coaching programmes. What EBS offers is based on both research and the world's best business practices," Merle Viirmaa proudly states.


Viirmaa adds, "Executive coaches certified by EBS can exclusively continue their studies in higher-level programmes aimed only at them at EBS. We also offer executive coaching training for leaders focused on becoming better leaders first and foremost. All these programmes have been well received and proven themselves in the market."


EBS's partner is the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), located in England, a "symbol of global excellence" in the coaching world. Its programmes are recognised and accredited by all leading international organisations (ICF, EMCC, AC). Besides the quality mark, being a partner of this organisation opens international doors for EBS, provides the latest knowledge on coaching trends, and links to business and organisational development.


Merle Viirmaa emphasises the importance of coaching: "My recent years as an executive coach and instructor for EBS coaching programmes have brought me much joy and satisfaction. I am convinced that coaching works very well for most leaders in terms of self-development and is an indispensable part of a modern leader's skill set.

For me, it's a privilege to contribute further to improving Estonia's business and leadership culture in my new role. Together with excellent colleagues Peep Aaviksoo, Anne-Liis Paide, Kiur Lootus, Katrin Oblikas, and Urmas Kaarlep."


Jari Kukkonen, head of EBS Executive Education, comments on Viirmaa's new position: "Peep Aaviksoo, with his systematic work and professional team, developed EBS's coaching programme services to a level that meets internationally recognised high standards and accreditations. From February, Merle Viirmaa leads the development of the coaching field, while Peep Aaviksoo continues as a valued trainer and coach. Merle Viirmaa has contributed for years to the implementation of EBS's coaching trainings and the development of new products. Merle's task is to maintain the high reputation of EBS's coaching field and develop new coaching products that meet market demand."