Satellite #7: Does the green transformation really bring us a better future?

Satelliit 7
What are the key challenges that sustainable and digital transformations face all around the world and in Estonia particularly? How do we get electricity prices down in the future? Where will the over-subsidised airlines fit in? EBS rector professor Meelis Kitsing and Tetra Tech renewable economist and EBS guest lecturer dr Anna Ebers Broughel will share their opinion on these topics in podcast Satellite.

Meelis Kitsing and Anna Ebers Broughel are both optimistic about the sustainable future.

“I am a technology optimist and there are several technologies already on the market that have huge potential. One of them is hydrogen and the other is AI and machine learning. These technologies make every business process cheaper,” says Anna Ebers Broughel who believes that in 20 years from now we won’t recognize our energy system.

They both agree that for the carbon neutral future we need to give up the shale oil and create a new future scenario for the regions that are most impacted by the shale oil industry. Meelis Kitsing is convinced that there are business models and we need to look for the positive experiences of other regions of the world.


EBS International Summer School will be also focusing on digitalization and sustainability. Summer School will take place on 9-19 August 2021 in Tallinn and Helsinki. Learn more and register here.


Satellite’s tradition is to ask from the guest’s about their favourite books and management advice.
Meelis Kitsing’s recommendations:

  • Book: Cat Jarman “River Kings: A New History of Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads”
  • Management advice: The art of management is delegation!
  • The skills you would like to develop: Focusing on the routine tasks.

Anna Ebers Broughel recommendations:

  • Book: Bill Gates: “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”
  • Management advice: Tell yourself that you have earned your place “at the table”!
  • The skill that you would like to develop: Taking the time to celebrate even the smallest victories.

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Business journalist Siiri Liiva is hosting the show.