What our alumni have to say about EBS Helsinki

Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony
Each student has a unique study experience as we all have different preferences and perspectives in life. Today, we have three alumni sharing their study experience in the International Business Administration programme at EBS Helsinki. Read what our alumni appreciated most while studying at EBS and what their career advice is to you.

Our alumni interview today includes Pinjamari Jirout, a bachelor's degree graduate from 2015; Johannes Nikkanen, a bachelor's degree graduate from 2015; and Taruanne Lindevall-Vanhala, a master's degree graduate from 2020. Here comes their short answers to five burning questions.


1: What did you like most while studying at EBS Helsinki?

Pinjamari: Networking with other students who were at the same stage in life as I was: working and studying at the same time.

Johannes: The community that developed into EBS Helsinki was very pleasant and we helped each other a lot in studies. We also had a bunch of top professionals and lecturers with whom we developed some of the most interesting conversations.

Taruanne: The study program was very different to what was offered in Finnish Universities (specialized in digitalization). Teaching method in Estonian Business School was diverse and included research, group projects, presentations, creating innovations and much more. 



2: Please describe in 3 words your study time at EBS Helsinki?

Pinjamari: Challenging but fun

Johannes: Rewarding work-study balance

Taruanne: Inspiring, Flexible, Fun



3: What do you do for a living?

Pinjamari: Social Media Entrepreneur

Johannes: Recruiting Manager

Taruanne: Development Policy and Finance Specialist



4: Are your current activities somehow connected to Estonia?

Pinjamari: No.

Johannes: Not currently.

Taruanne: Yes! I am enrolled in a joint international project for young diplomats and civil servants in Estonian School of Diplomacy.



5: What would be your alumni career advice?

Pinjamari: Keep networking, you never know who will have the perfect job opportunity for you.

Johannes: Whatever you do, do it well. It will carry you for a long time in life.

Taruanne: Completing your degree in Estonian Business School is a great advantage that can help you to stand out in working life.


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