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EBS Advisory Services


How can we help?

We use science as a strategic tool while thinking like business people in order to grant the best results.



Business advisory

Compiles relevant studies that are based on scientific methods and enable you to understand better your business and opportunities.


Analyses new potential markets.

Trains and mentors your employees in accordance with the current market trends.

Process advisory

Compiles relevant studies that are based on scientific methods.

Designs and tests new processes and procedures.

Change advisory

Analyses potential alternative solutions.
-    Risk analysis
-    Cost benefit analysis
-    Synergy analysis

Creates action plans for the planned changes.

Monitors and evaluates the processes of change.

The team

Annika Lentso




Jim Seltnerijch

Jim Seltenrijch is a Product Manager in the financial sector and a PhD student at EBS. He has obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Leiden University in the Netherlands in the field of Public Administration (BSc) and International Public Administration (MSc). Afterwards, Jim continued his education at the IMESS programme of the University College London (UCL) and the University of Tartu from which he received degrees in Economy, State, and Society (MA) and Social Sciences (MA). Currently, Jim is focused upon Agile and Lean methods in (technology) organisations with a specific focus upon organisational structures, strategies, and policies. His PhD research is focused around the topic of Scrum and specifically how to find a balance between autonomy and creativity on the one hand and organisational control on the other. Since 2015, Jim has taken part in several Agile and Lean projects in different roles.

Kristiina Urb




Sami Soinio

Sami Soinio is an e-learning specialist working in the higher education industry and a PhD student at EBS. Sami is skilled in e-learning, learning management systems (LMS), student information systems (SIS), e-learning content creation and pedagogy, e-learning video and graphic design, IT, project management, and marketing. Sami is building an e-learning infrastructure and content at Estonian Business School based on the learning management system Canvas by Instructure. Sami is an education business development professional striving for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Management from Estonian Business School. His research topic is based on e-learning and learning management systems in Europe.


Annika Lentso

Annika Lentso

Tegevjuht, õppejõud
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Marko Vene

+372 5646 8381
Katrin Järv

Katrin Järv

+372 5068 627
Sami Soinio

Sami Soinio

E-õppe spetsialist, lektor