The admission for the 2024/2025 academic year

Estonian Business School admission 2024
Throughout its 35 years of operation, EBS has established itself as a highly esteemed provider of high-quality and practical business and entrepreneurship education. We continue to offer entrepreneurial knowledge and business education to future leaders, top specialists, managers, and entrepreneurs, opening admissions for the autumn of 2024. We welcome applications for our university bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programmes.

EBS admission interviews for bachelor's and master's programmes take place once a month from March to June. The applicants can choose suitable interview time after the admission team has reviewed the application.





EBS offers the Impactful Entrepreneurship and International Business Administration programmes in English, and the Entrepreneurship and Business Administration programme in Estonian. The programmes have been recently updated and are eagerly awaiting enthusiastic and ambitious young people.


Anto Liivat, Head of Bachelor's Studies, encourages obtaining a bachelor's degree at EBS:

"In the Impactful Entrepreneurship programme, the focus is on creating your own company with fellow students. In the International Business Administration programme, students acquire in-depth knowledge in either marketing and communication or finance and accounting, preparing them for roles as business leaders in large international companies. The updated Entrepreneurship and Business Administration programme offers both full-time and session-based study options, with opportunities to specialise in startup entrepreneurship or business development.


Our alumni highly value the international learning environment, as well as the network of partner universities that facilitate study-abroad opportunities. The faculty is also highly esteemed for their ability to connect evidence-based approaches to the real-life challenges faced by leaders, drawing on their personal experience. Thus, students receive top-level preparation to smartly realise their business dreams in the business world.

Also, I would like to point out that EBS's internship programme received the Recognised Practice System quality mark from the Education and Youth Agency in 2023, effectively supporting the personal and professional development of students with varying work experience.


Bachelor's programmes at EBS:






We offer a range of different English-language study options for the master's degree. Depending on your career ambitions and needs, or your plans for self-development, you can study and specialise in a field that is relevant to you. In addition, master's students have the opportunity to study at an EBS partner university (60 universities to choose from) or to obtain a double degree at the world-class University of Liège in Belgium. 
As the master's programmes are on a session-study format, you can obtain master's degree comfortably while working, without interrupting your career!


Jim Seltenrijch, Head of Master's Studies, adds: 

As always, EBS is welcoming also all students who have obtained a bachelor's degree and are looking to deepen and/or expand their skills and knowledge in the field of management. 
For future students who do not have a bachelor's in a business-related field we will open our MBA programmes. Based on your previous academic education you either qualify for our 1-year or 2-year MBA programme. New this year is that our 1-year MBA is also available in Estonian language from August!
For those who do have a bachelor's in a business-related field, we will have our wide variety of MA programmes. Our 2-year MA programme focuses on Business Innovation and during the second year, you can specialise in the Green or Digital economy. This programme offers unique Double Degree option - in the second year, you will specialise in Digital Marketing at Liege University in Belgium.
Our 1-year MA programmes, are available for those future students with work experience and focus on either on green economy or on digitalisation and start-up economy.


Master's programmes (session-based studies):
Leading Digitalisation and Navigating the Start-Up Economy (one-year MA)

Leveraging Green Economy Innovation (one-year MA)

Business Innovation in the New Economy (two-year MA)

Double Degree: Business Innovation and Marketing with Liège University (two-year MA) 

One-year MBA

Two-year MBA







Our doctoral studies focus on management and are unique, personalised, and closely related to real-life issues.


Regina Erlenheim, Head of Doctoral Studies:

"EBS's doctoral programme in Management is unique in Estonia’s context.  Prospective students are free to choose between a classical, academic track of more traditional research in nature and an entrepreneurial, applied track where the focus is on the development and implementation of solutions to real-world research problems. The application period is open and we are excited to receive your research proposals!"



EBS is a community where we value responsible growth. We grow and evolve together. We consider it important to address the challenges faced by contemporary businesses, top specialists, and leaders in a responsible manner that cares for the world. We hold our students and alumni in high regard. We believe that EBS provides the best potential for success in entrepreneurship and the business world.


Therefore, if you have dreams and ambitions, come and join our community at EBS!