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It's time for spring cleaning - a great opportunity not just for tidying up your home and wardrobe, but also for organizing your computer and digital devices, and getting rid of digital clutter. A green-minded and forward-looking citizen already knows that any file you no longer need is digital trash. Digital trash includes unnecessary files, programs, photos, videos, emails, and more. It is data that does not add value, as it is often either for one-time use or redundant. Digital trash is data volume forgotten by people, but its existence harms the environment since it requires resources to maintain. Therefore, we all need occasional reminders to consciously sort our trash. 

From April 1st to 30th, 2024, we invite all EBS students to delete all the excess pictures, videos, and files from their phones, computers, tablets, and cloud storage. As part of the digital cleanup, two free practical digital cleanup workshops will also take place in April: on April 8th from 11 am to 2 pm and on April 24th from 11 am to 2 pm, in EBS room 232. Bring your computer and phone and let's start the digital cleanup with the help of IT specialists!

Staying true to tradition, this year we will also measure the efforts and achievements of the EBS community's digital cleanup campaign before and after the digital cleanup month. We hope that the EBS community accepts the challenge and that these numbers will have significantly changed after an active spring digital trash cleanup campaign, making a comparison! As of March 31, 2024, EBS's digital numbers are:

  • OneDrive total volume 4.19 TB or 829,900 files
  • Mailboxes size 1.32 TB

In April 2024, we will also start a digital devices collection round at EBS. The project is led by our own EBS alumni Kristo Kraft, Taavi Tuisk, and Ringy as a good example. The common goal is to offer EBS students a green and safe option for the disposal of their digital devices. By bringing your digital device (phone and/or computer) to EBS, we will deliver it to Ringy. Ringy, in turn, takes responsibility and securely cleans the devices of data, and the technical "digital body" brought to us goes into recycling. Read more about EBS and Ringy's digital device collection round here.


Digital device collection boxes located in the EBS building are located:

  • Lobby, 1st floor
  • IT department, 2nd floor
  • High School office, 3rd floor

We also support the joint digital cleanup campaign in April through EBS's social media channels - we share useful and interesting articles, tips, and recommendations on the theme. In addition, we share EBS students' digital and green values during the digital month, introducing responsible business choices.


By actively participating in the digital cleanup, we not only create a better environment for ourselves but also contribute as the EBS community to saving the environment. Let's show an example together and look forward to active participation!