EBS & Ringy Digital Device Recycling Program

Did you know that over 800 million functioning mobile phones lie unused in drawers across European homes? Therefore, check your drawers because, with the help of EBS and Ringy, you now have the opportunity to give our planet a caring and green hug!

In April 2024, we will begin a digital device collection initiative at EBS. Leading this project as a shining example are our own EBS alumni, Kristo Kraft and Taavi Tuisk, along with their green enterprise, Ringy. The common goal is to offer EBS students a green and secure option for disposing of their digital devices.


By bringing your digital device (phone, tablet, and/or computer) to EBS, we will forward it to Ringy. Ringy securely erases data from the devices, and they are put on a new cycle. Devices that are still functioning and valuable will be repaired and then find a new owner. Older or very damaged devices will be dismantled, and the raw materials will help in manufacturing new devices. All proceeds from devices sent on to a new cycle will be directed to the EBS Impact Fund, and Ringy will calculate the total CO2 footprint saved by participants.


What happens to the data/files on the digital devices brought to Ringy?

Data deletion is performed with certified software used by banks and the defense industry. For older devices (e.g., feature phones), the motherboard is destroyed so your pictures won’t end up wandering elsewhere. PS! We recommend performing a "factory reset" if possible and removing all iCloud and Google locks before handing over the device, otherwise, it won’t be possible to breathe new life into it.


For any questions, feel free to write to info@ringy.shop

NB! If in searching for digital devices you also find large quantities of cables, headphones, an old projector, and/or curling irons, we recommend taking these to the nearest collection point, which can be found here: https://kuhuviia.ee/


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