Estonian Business School hosted insightful lecture on career development and success habits

Tallinn, April 16, 2024 – Estonian Business School welcomed motivational speaker Ryan Davis, from Nashville, Tennessee, to share valuable insights on career development and achieving long-term success. The event, a collaboration with Southwestern Advantage, attracted a diverse group of students eager to learn about overcoming common career challenges and enhancing their employability.

Ryan, who has over two decades of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, focused on the importance of perseverance and strategic planning in one's career. He emphasized that young professionals often struggle with job stability and advancement due to a lack of experience and the right mindset. According to Ryan, a staggering 55% of young adults do not make it past the first year at their initial job post-graduation, highlighting the necessity for a more resilient approach in today's competitive job market.


During the lecture, Ryan introduced the concept of 'Southwestern Lead', an online learning program he directs, aimed at instilling success habits among teens and young adults. The program covers essential skills not typically taught in academic settings but crucial for professional and personal development, such as leadership, self-management, and effective communication.


Students were engaged in an interactive session where Ryan challenged them to think about their future careers in a strategic manner. He stressed the importance of demonstrating commitment to potential employers by staying in positions long enough to learn and contribute significantly.


"Staying at your first job for more than a year already sets you apart," Ryan explained, advising students to aim for at least a year to overcome the initial challenges and adapt to professional environments.


Ryan's approach to career success involves Spencer Hays`s straightforward principles: setting high goals, positive self-talk, and consistent accountability. He believes these core practices are pivotal for young individuals to differentiate themselves in a job market where employers value reliability and potential for long-term contribution.


The lecture concluded with Ryan encouraging students to adopt a growth mentality and proactive career planning to avoid common pitfalls many young professionals face. His insights were well-received, with many students expressing enthusiasm about applying the discussed principles to their academic and career endeavors.


Estonian Business School plans to host more such events in the future, continuing its mission to provide students with practical knowledge and skills that complement their academic education.