Satellite meets Kultuurireflektor: Marge Sassi and Dasha Karpilovich about diverse cultural environment

In this episode Satellite visits Kultuurireflektor, the podcast of Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music. Together with Dasha Karpilovich and Marge Sassi we dive into the topic of diversity and cross-cultural communication in arts management.

Listen to learn what is and why we need cultural intelligence, how to raise the importance and awareness of the positive impact of diversity, who are cultural brokers and how to become one in your own organisation.

This episode is led by EMTA Cultural Management MA alumni, lecturer and coordinator Anna Maria Ranczakowska.

Marge Sassi is a lecturer and Ph.D. student at Estonian Business School. She also works for the European Commission as a lead expert for the Creative Europe grant scheme. Her current research interests cover: Measuring Societal Impact of Art Organizations, Strategic Management of Cultural and Creative Industries Organizations; and Using Flow Theory in Developing Leadership.

Dasha Karpilovich is a visiting lecturer at EBS. She has 5+ years of experience in the communications field, three of which as Head of Marketing for Baltic countries at Huawei. She has lived in several cultures including Belarus (home country), China, Australia and, currently, Estonia.


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The next episode of Satellite will be released on 27 May. Satellite guests Tiina Määrmann and Kristjan Järvi will then focus on the cooperation of economy and culture. Previous podcasts can be listened here.