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Sam McKenzie




Name: Sam McKenzie
Study programme: Master of Arts in Social Sciences
Degree (BA/MA/MBA/PhD): MA, major in Finance Management
Year of graduation: 2018
Current employer: Founding Director - Zealous Sailing Limited
Occupation: Entrepreneur 



Who did you want to become when you were growing up? I can’t really answer that question – At the age of 23 I still feel like I’m growing up! I have certainly had a motivation for a long time to work in professional services, namely in the financial or management consulting industry. However in stark contrast to this, since leaving high school I have followed my passion of coaching and educating youth athletes around the world. This led to the establishment of my own limited liability company Zealous Sailing in 2014.


What’s your motto in life?  “It’s easy to stand out but hard to be outstanding”


Which book do you recommend every EBS student to read? The Red Notice – to put it politely, a thrilling true story about the rise and fall of Bill Bowder, Hermitage Fund and the dangers of investing in high-risk markets. 


What is your everyday job?  My company provides a series of training programmes, clinics and educational material to youth sailors all around the world. This means New Zealand Australia December January. Southern/Central Europe February March April. And Finland and the Baltics from May through November. Certainly not one month is the same. In the near future my motivation is to transition from my own company into a financial or management consulting position.


Why did you choose EBS? I chose EBS namely due to the combination of the course offering and flexibility provided. With plenty of travel year round it was the best way to gain a high quality masters education whilst still enabling me to run my business.


What is the most important thing you took from EBS?  Studying a Master’s in Finance has provided me a comprehensive understanding of the ‘hard science’ behind business. Subjects like Quantitative methods and Valuation of Financial Instruments are subjects that go into the intricacies of how big business drives the world economy. Living in Europe, in a single economic market, the importance of understanding such financial principals and learning how they work in practice has been incredibly interesting and prepares me for the future ahead.  


How do you know EBS is for You?  Flexible, yet intensive. EBS has fit my life-style and personality. Three days, every two weeks of absolute focus in class. Outside of class the balance of work and study is essential for those motivated to get ahead.  


What would be your ultimate suggestion to EBS students?  Many EBS lecturers are and/or have been heads of industry in Estonia. They provide invaluable insight into the Baltic economy that is going through a fascinating stage of growth and economic development. My advice would be to pick the brain of your lecturer- their knowledge is current, accurate and invaluable.