Two-year MBA


Our innovative two-year MBA programme develops managers and leaders who ignite and inspire lasting growth in a rapidly developing environment. Our teaching approach and elective nanodegrees provide immersive experience with exceptional education.

Why choose this programme?

  • Build a strong foundation in key areas of business
  • Learn and grow with peers
  • Navigate through the latest management tools
  • Master the new era of business management in a selected field

Earn your MBA without interrupting your professional life. You can choose a slower pace or find an accelerated option to best suit your personal and professional needs.

Suitable candidate:

  • Non-business 180 ECTS bachelor degree or an equivalent qualification
  • Have at least 3 years of management or team-lead experience. We value both people and process management experience. Show us that in your submitted CV
  • Master sufficient proficiency in English (B2). We offer some courses both in English and Estonian but we expect you to be ready to study in English.
  • Demonstrate their drive in a catchy application


Core programme of our MBA gives you a solid foundation in organisational economics and financial performance, teaches you how to really organize and manage organisations, and communicates and trains the value of responsible leadership and interpersonal skills. On top of that solid backbone, you can build solid muscle by choosing elective nanodegrees from a wide selection and design the path of your curriculum yourself. Our top-notch elective nanodegrees, that are taught by top-tier faculty and established industry professionals, allow you to master a chosen field of business management. We shall provide you with skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions in the challenging technology-driven global business setting. We work with real-life examples in a team centred learning and teaching setting. The programme consists of main subjects (45 ECTS), graduation module (15 ECTS) and elective nanodegrees (60 ECTS).


Academic year 1 



  • Financial and Managerial Accounting 6 ECTS
  • Corporate Finance 6 ECTS
  • Strategic Management and Innovation 6 ECTS
  • Managing People and Organisations 6 ECTS
  • Leadership and Ethics 3 ECTS
  • Marketing and Sales 3 ECTS
  • Graduation Capstone I: Coaching 4 ECTS

Total: 34 ECTS


  • Managerial Economics 3 ECTS
  • Emerging Technologies for Business 6 ECTS
  • Operations and Project Management 6 ECTS
  • Nanodegree 15 ECTS




Total: 30 ECTS



Academic year 2 



Here you have a chance to choose 2 nanodegrees or spend a semester in one of the 60 partner universities.


Total: 30 ECTS


  • Nanodegree 15 ECTS
  • Graduation Capstone II: Management Game (Dynama) 5 ECTS 
  • Graduation Capstone III: Theoretical Quiz on core studies 3 ECTS
  • Graduation Capstone IV: Case study exam 3 ECTS

Total: 26 ECTS 


Estonian Business School is the first university in Estonia that offers nanodegrees. Nanodegree provides a possibility of self-development through a quick course of master’s degree studies during which the student completes an academic programme consisting of 15 ECTS credits within 9 weeks.


The difference between completion of a nanodegree programme and other additional training courses is that by obtaining a nanodegree consisting of 15 ECTS credits, the student completes a part of a master’s degree programme. 


You can choose a total of 60 ECTS worth of nanodegrees in the two-year MBA programme.


Learn more about the EBS nanodegrees here.




You are welcome to apply if you are excited about our programme and wish to learn from and contribute to EBS community. We have gathered everything you need for an easy application process here.

International applicants

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    Applicants from Estonia

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Tuition and financing solutions

Please find the tuition fees for study year 2022/2023 here.

  • EU residents can pay the tuition fee either by semester or divide it up to two installments per semester (35 EUR processing fee applies for installments)
  • Non-EU residents must pay tuition fee in full for the whole study year.

If you are a resident or a holder of a long-term residence permit in the Republic of Estonia you can pay in several installments by using Study Investment.



EBS awards the Scholarships to Bachelor, Master´s and Doctoral first-year students, whose previous academic achievements, study motivation, social engagement and ambition are considered particularly worth recognition.  EBS awards scholarships to the applicants, who enrich the learning experience of their fellow students.  


All the applicants, who have received the positive admission decision (conditional acceptance or acceptance) are considered for outstanding applicants scholarship.


How to apply for the scholarship:

  • when applying for the scholarship you are given a case study to solve. This creative task will require you to demonstrate your management competencies as well as your ability to analyse information.
  • please find the case study HERE. 
  • the length of the case study solution is maximum 1 A4. 
  • to apply the solution has to be sent to by 19th of July

Criteria for the scholarship:

  • when awarding the scholarship submitted application (in SAIS/DreamApply) and the results of the admission interview are also considered. The evaluation criteria: motivation, ambition, argumentation.
  • the scholarship is awarded for one academic year and is the partial or full refund of the tuition fee.
  • the scholarships will be awarded by the 25th of July.



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Important dates


The application deadline for Estonian applicants in SAIS and Finnish applicants in DreamApply.




The admission interviews take place at EBS Tallinn campus for applicants from Estonia and Finland.



Master's students Bootcamp and first study session takes place on 27-28.08.2023