EBS returned from the 20th Student Summer Games with 8 top three places

From 28th to 30th June at Kääriku Sports Center the 20th Student Summer Games took place where around 1500 students, lecturers and alumni from 15 Estonian Universities and Colleges competed in 40 different sports.

These Summer Games were a milestone for EBS for several reasons, first of all we set another record for the number of EBS participants at Summer Games and secondly, for the first time we had a strong team of 8 EBS lecturers and employees representing us. Head of International and Corporate Relations Department and Advisor to Rector to the rector Sirli Kalep said: “I was glad to see how the EBS family supported each other in different sports, when the lecturers or the chancellor were competing, then the students cheered them on and for example during the car pushing competition, the students even ran beside the lecturers and gave tips on how to get further and faster and when the students were competing the alumni, lecturers and school personnel gave all the support to the students. Telling by the sparkle in some of the lectures’ eyes it seemed like competing together with the students brought back the memories of their own student days and the energy of the students transferred on to the whole school family.” 


In addition other podium spots EBS also won for the first time at Summer Games the football tournament. This means that EBS is currently the champion of football of all the events in the Ylisport series – Ylipall, Student Winter Games and Student Summer Games. Congratulations to the whole team: Oskar Haak, Marie Heleen Lisette Kikkas, Martin Mee, Michael Sander, Randy Padar, Cathy Vivien Vahi. Andre Hõrak, Karl Johan Reitalu, Hardi Link ja Daniel Sei. 


The Chairman of the EBS Student Council Randy Padar rejoiced over the victories and the overall spirit of ebsters: “I was glad to see that so many ebsters at the Summer Games. It also made me happy to see how much time and effort the sports team put into organizing our participation at Summer Games and I believe that the results of the did not go unnoticed for anyone. It was a record year! But what brought me the most joy was the sense of unity among the ebsters. I have always emphasized that for me the greatest value of our school is the people. I received a lot of feedback and nice words from the representatives of other universities. We were asked a lot how to bring the students of one school together like that and what our values are. EBS is still a school that stands out and it continues doing so strongly. We, the Student Council will continue our work and will already try to achieve new heights.”


Overview of the rest of the top three places of EBS:
•    Multi-contest for rectors – 2nd-3rd place (Mart Habakuk)
•    Strongman competition – 2nd place (Karl Madissoon)
•    Morning triathlon – 2nd place (Daniel Sei)
•    Uphill run “Seinamäe 100” – 2nd and 3rd place (2nd Peeter Luik, 3rd Daniel Sei)
•    Kiiking – 3rd place (Peeter Luik)
•    Box Heaping – 1st-2nd place (Kaisa Pilnik and Cathy Vivien Vahi)

Once again, biggest congratulations to all the winners! 


Source: Ylisport

Picture: @whykats