Cum Laude Honors and Meeting With the President Kersti Kaljulaid

Cum laude
Photo: Arno Mikkor/VPK
On 18th of June, my fellow students and I graduated from EBS and some of us with Cum Laude honors. It was a magnificent day in Tallin

I had worked hard for almost two years, especially with my thesis and I truly enjoyed the day. I am thankful to all professors and lecturers and especially to my fellow classmates who made the school days even more entertaining, yet we all worked hard!


On 27th of June, I came home from work, a busy day in bank as usual. I grabbed my mail from the floor and what a surprise! It was obvious that this letter came from a prestigious place. The President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid invited me to Tallinn to Presidendilossi roosiaia on 3rd of July! Is this for real? Apparently it is!


In Tallinn on 3rd of July, Eetu, Toni and I had a possibility to meet The President with other graduates from Estonian universities who graduated with Cum Laude grade point average. In her speech to us graduates, she pointed out the importance of digitalization in ever changing world and the importance of education. She reminded us how privileged we all are as we are able to study. Most of the people in the world do not have this possibility. Above all, it was a privilege to graduate with such a great results and grade point average, Cum Laude.


We do not have a tradition to meet the President of the Republic of Finland in our home country and we truly appreciate the invitation. We had a lovely summer day in Presidendilossi roosiaia. This is an exceptional invitation and an exceptional memory! I am confident that we all will remember this day as one of the prizes the education brings us.


To all of you who currently study or will begin the studies - work hard, it will be worth it!

Eyes on the prize as they say.


Enjoy the summer,

EBS alumni