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Cyber training? YES | For IT- managers? NO | For business administrators? YES

The August Festival of Public Opinion reached essential findings - to put it simple, mangers must understand that the competition for digitalisation is lost well in advance if they do not think it necessary to buy soap and to show their employees how to wash their hands in the flu season.

It is necessary talk in the public media of Estonia more openly about cyber threats, so that everyone of us could understand their responsibility – the negligence of one ordinary person and lousy cyber hygiene may appear the direct cause for some retail chain to close their doors for a week,  a company to lose a million euros and go bankrupt or a hospital to cancel tens of operations and receptions of patients etc.

In order not just to talk about the matter, but to offer Estonian managers an opportunity to be prepared for probable threats, EBS in collaboration with BHC Laboratory and Cybexer Technologies invite the managers of companies and organisations to a seminar “The Strategic Decision-Making Exercise on Cyber Threats for Business Leaders” on 7 December. The schedule of the seminar may be found here.

The seminar is free of charge for all the participants, but it is necessary to register in advance.  There is translation into the Estonian and English languages.