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There were almost 70 participants to attend the seminar of strategic management

Photos: Egert Kamenik
It is necessary to speak more openly about the cyber threats in the public media of Estonia, so that all of us - would more clearly sense the responsibility – the carelessness and bad cyber hygiene of an ordinary person could be the result why a retail chain closes its shops for a week or some company loses a million euros and goes bankrupt, why a hospital cancels its appointments etc.

Due to the reasons outlined above, EBS gathered a notable group of alumni and collaboration partners from Estonia and abroad in the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel on 7th December to have a discussion on strategic management and cyber security. The seminar was attended by the representatives of partner universities from China, Croatia, Finland and France.


The participants in the training were:
- Urmo Sutermäe, the Manager of Information Security of Tallinn Airport
- Merle Maigre, Cybexer Technologies     
- Johan Rosen, Risk Manager of Swedbank Group
- Mart Habakuk, Chancellor of EBS
The training took place in collaboration with a cyber security company Cybexer Technologies.