Scholarship for long term study visits

Scholarship for long term study visits

Goal: The purpose of the Dora Plus scholarships for long term PhD student mobility is to improve the awareness of young researchers of diverse teaching and research practices, encourage their involvement in international cooperation projects, improve the completion rates of PhD studies, and strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies in Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies. Scholarships are awarded to support the mobility of the PhD students of Estonian universities to universities or research institutions abroad.



Eligibility requirements: All doctoral students of EBS are eligible to apply for that scholarship.



Amount of scholarship: Single mobility episodes can last from 1 to 10 months. PhD students can use the grant multiple times during their nominal period of study, taking into account that each mobility shall last 31 calendar days, at least, and each PhD student can receive a scholarship for 10 months in total (all mobility periods combined). The Dora Plus PhD student mobility scholarship covers the travel and living costs related to the mobility. See more information here: DoRa+ mobility scholarships



Application procedure: Digitally signed (both by applicant and supervisor) application with the supervisor’s recommendation must be submitted to Application deadlines in EBS are March 1, June 1, September 1, October 1 and December 1.



Decision procedure: The decision on accepting/declining the application is made by the mobility committee of EBS based on the program quota and content of the application.


Financing: The scholarship scheme is financed 100% by the Education and Youth Board that will directly sign a financing contract of the applicant decided by EBS.