Coaching Skills Certificate (delivered in English)

Experience what it’s like to be an executive coach!

This two-day programme will introduce you to the principles and practice of coaching. Not only will you learn how to use an effective four stage model that will allow you to begin coaching right away, you will also discover what kind of coaching is right for you.

Programme content 
You will have access to expert tutor input from an experienced Executive Coach, and you will also receive expert and peer feedback as you test your “coaching wings” in small practice triads: coach - coachee - observer. Coaching skills are not just for the workplace - they have positive effects on all aspects of your life. You will enjoy improved communication with friends, family, colleagues as well as helping clients.

Discover and learn
Is coaching for me?
The Coaching Skills Certificate will allow you to experience coaching first hand to help you decide whether you wish to train further in coaching and proceed onto our Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (in Estonian). It is perfectly suited for both those who are looking to take their interpersonal skills to the next level as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or embarking on a career as an executive coach.

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Do I have what it takes to be a great coach?

If this is a whole new area for you then you’ll be able to explore further whether this is a good career choice for you and to talk to a highly qualified coach as part of the process.
This programme is the gateway to our suite of highly accredited coach development programmes - your first step in becoming a professional coach.

Reasons for choosing the certificate 

Discover what coaching is: this entry-level programme explains what coaching is, how it can be applied in the workplace and how it differs from similar interventions such as mentoring, counselling, training, managing, consulting and life coaching. 

You will learn and practice essential coaching skills: you will be introduced to the core coaching skills needed to work effectively with colleagues or clients – listening, questioning, reflecting back and mirroring and paraphrasing and summarising. The course explores the principles behind each and establishes how they are used in coaching conversations. 

Explore the GROW coaching model: one of the most widely used and powerful professional coaching models, you will discover how to apply this framework to everyday conversations to unlock potential and support developmental opportunities.

Learn and practice how to structure coaching conversations: fine-tune your interpersonal skills by learning how to design better developmental and performance management conversations. You will learn how to contract with the coachee, build rapport, manage expectations and set goals. 

Learn by practicing: from day one you will be working in small groups of coach, coachee and observer gaining peer and faculty feedback and embedding your learning. 

Safe, supportive and confidential: you will be able to test your skills and grow your confidence from personal and structured feedback. 

Small groups: the groups are limited to provide a high-quality learning experience. 


Learning from experienced coaches: all of our faculty are experienced, qualified coaches in their own right and can bring their own insights and real experiences to learn from. 


Professional training: the AoEC has an enviable reputation having been providing training and accredited training for nearly 25 years.  EBS Executive Education has been providing executive coaching programmes since 2012.

This is a certificate level programme: on completion you will receive a certificate 
of attendance from the AoEC.


The Coaching Skills Certificate does not qualify you as a coach but does provide you with 12 CPD hours towards the 60 required to apply for International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation via the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level portfolio route.

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Date and time


54th group: 23. - 24. May 2024

09.30 - 16.45 local time each day




Executive Coach Peep Aaviksoo, PCC and Merle Viirmaa, PCC.

Peep Aaviksoo, PCC
Peep Aaviksoo

Peep Aaviksoo, PCC


Merle Viirmaa, PCC

Programme fee and registration

Fee: 786 EUR + VAT


Fee includes AoEC certification, programme Participant Handbook and coffee breaks.



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