The aim of research at EBS is to contribute to the international knowledge base of management and organization studies and create conditions for its introduction in business and public institutions, but also improve training for the management of such organizations.


Through its research, EBS considers to the needs of a developing society and carries it out in cooperation with different government agencies, as well as groups of companies and public organizations. Research is also linked to student research at different study levels. Research outcomes are applied in the development of curricula, the improvement of study methods, and serve as the basis for management training programmes organized by the EBS Executive Training Centre. Such research is directly related to the Doctoral programme in management, and doctoral students’ research topics are closely knit to EBS’ research concentrations, with the aim of guaranteeing its continuity. 


The research undertaken at EBS contributes to the development of business and public organizations, and the application of such theoretical knowledge of Estonia in countries which are creating a democratic society. Researchers and doctoral students at EBS participate in the work of international research groups thereby assuring an internationally acknowledged level of research. The main outputs for this are participation in international research conferences and publishing of joint articles with researchers and doctoral students in other countries.

Research Groups

EBS’ main academic concentration is organizational development in an institutional context and our we work in several research groups.




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Laurea University of Applied Sciences operates on six campuses in the Greater Helsinki region in Finland. Studying in Laurea is practically oriented and different  kinds of projects with working life affiliates are an important part of studies. Laurea offers six Bachelor's Degree programmes in English, in which two you need to know Finnish language, and two Master's programmes in English. In 2018 EBS and Laurea University of Applied Sciences signed an agreement of collaboration which states that EBS will provide the graduates of Laurea University of Applied Sciences with Doctoral studies. Read more...


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